Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Things to consider for your outdoor kitchen.

My husband and I have been looking at building an outdoor kitchen on our property in Texas. We’ve been to several home stores and looked a various designs. This got me thinking about what we needed for the basics, and where to start in the process. So “things to consider for your outdoor kitchen” became a blog post from my research.

Basic Elements of Setting Up An Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen provides you a great way to spend more time with your family while also enjoying everything your garden has to offer. We even use our grill in the winter. It helps to first understand the basic elements of what an outdoor kitchen includes, to how you cook items, to where things are stored. You also need to consider the part of the country y

outdoor grill

ou live in. Does it freeze? Will you have to move things indoors, or store for the winter?

Cooking and Grilling Surfaces

The first thing you need for an outdoor kitchen is somewhere to cook your food. While you may have some type of burners for traditional stove top cooking, most outdoor kitchens have a built-in or portable barbecue grill. This allows you to cook a lot of different foods, from vegetable kabobs to chicken, steak, and fish. If you’re going to use the outdoor kitchen for parties, you can get an oversize grill so you’re able to get a lot of cooking done at one time.

We plan to spend most of our summer cooking and eating outside. If the weather holds, we’ll continue to utilize our outdoor kitchen.

Some other cooking appliances we’re considering, and you might too: a smoker, deep fryer, and pizza oven.

Countertops and Prep Stations

You also need an area to prepare your meals, such as chopping vegetables and marinating meat. This is where the countertops come into play. If you’re going with a pre-fabricated outdoor kitchen, it should already include some countertop space. However, if you’re getting it custom-made, you will need to choose  on your own. Since it is outdoors, go with materials that are weather-friendly, such as those made from steel, granite, or concrete.

outdoor kitchenSince you’ll be working with raw meat, it’s handy, and a good idea to have a sink connected to the outdoor kitchen so you aren’t constantly running in the house.


An outdoor kitchen also needs storage for food ingredients, cookware, kitchen accessories, and dishes to eat with, unless you want to constantly lug these things from the house. I prefer two set ups. Many outdoor kitchens have either a mini-fridge or full-size refrigerator, and our kitchen will definitely have this. No running into the house for a cold beverage.

Good storage space keeps outdoor eating separate from indoor eating. Consider space for  storing different utensils, cutting tools, and serve-ware. Also have a place for storing cutting boards, skewer sticks, pots and pans, cups and plates, napkins, and other accessories you will need. We decided on hardy plasticware for outside. No worries about broken glass. Easy clean up and storage.

Accessories and Dining Area

Lastly, don’t forget about other accessoutdoor kitchenories, dining furniture, and decorative elements for the outdoor kitchen. Get a good dining table and chairs or benches for your family to enjoy their meal outdoors. Set up the dining area like you would inside, with proper lighting, decorative features, lighting, and area rugs. Also include some accessories for the kitchen, such as measuring cups and spoons, serving dishes, storage containers, tongs, and various utensils. You might also want baskets to grill vegetables and different bottles of marinade and sauces for your meats.

And for those hot, sunny days, don’t forget a nice, oversize umbrella that keeps the cook in the shade.

What would you want in your dream outdoor kitchen? (I want a wine fridge)



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