My Story

I’ve always wanted to write a food blog, but I spend so much time writing novels, I didn’t know if I had the time. I mean, the recipes, and testing, taking drool-worthy photos, then writing the blog post. It’s a lot of work, and that means time. I wasn’t sure I could swing it.

Then along came Willa Friday. She’s the food blogger in my newest mystery series. The Willa Friday culinary cozy mysteries gave me an excuse to write a food blog. My main character, Willa, is a food stylist and a new food blogger. She’s trying to quit her food styling gig and be a full time blogger. This is the blog Willa “writes.” How fun is that? I have recipes in the books which are different from the blog and now I have the excuse to write a food blog.

Willa Friday* loves good food, and she loves a good glass of wine, so after years of working in restaurant kitchens, and then styling food, she decided to start a blog. Living in the heart of wine country in the Sonoma Valley she naturally had to add wine into the mix.

This blog is a celebration of food and wine.

Though Willa and I love to eat good food, we’re not fans of spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal that will be eaten in a matter of minutes. In this blog I share our favorite recipes and recipes from other blogs.

The recipes shared on this blog are for people with real lives, people who don’t have hours each day to spend in the kitchen, even if they love to cook.

You’ll see recipes and meal prep ideas, Keto recipes, sugar-free recipes, low-carb recipes, full carb recipes, full sugar recipes, you name it.

Lots of posts on great kitchen tools to make your life easier too. And maybe a post or two on food styling and photography.

Stay tuned, because our passion for good food is contagious. And our wine pairings are excellent.


*Willa Friday is the fictional main character in Jamie Lee Scott’s culinary cozy mystery series. Check out her books at