Kitchen Gadgets We Had to Have

I love cold brew coffee. If you do, you'll want this too.

Cuisinart makes the best coffee grinder.

Tovolo Cupcake Scoop means even cupcakes and less mess. We love less mess.

If you eat as much popcorn as we do, you'll love this microwave popper that doubles as a bowl.

This one is a bit pricy at $139 but it makes indoor grilling so much easier, and clean up is a snap.

You know we love our wine here at A Dish in Thyme, and this aerator from Rabbit will make your $10 bottle of wine taste like it cost much more.

10" Chef's knife is a must for every kitchen.

We've used both plastic and glass containers, and we are now hooked on glass.

By far, my favorite set of cutting boards!

You don't have to get a Cuisinart, but I love mine.

I must have if you're cooking meat.

Microplane, for zesting

Stasher bags

I use this mandoline all the time. It's a time saver, but watch your fingers.

Popsicle molds, No matter what kind you get, a funnel is a must unless you like messes.