7 Ways to Pair Wine With Cheese

7 Ways to Pair Wine with Cheese

There are so many different cheeses, and it’s not always easy to know what wine will complement the specific cheese. So I’ve listed 7 ways to pair wine with cheese. Every wine listed is available for under $15.

When you pair wine with cheese and you have the right wine to drink you enhance the flavor experience. There are exceptions to every rule, this wine and cheese pairing post has been Willa tested.

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Blue Cheese

We all know blue cheese when we see it. It can be spread or crumbled and used in many fine dishes. Here’s a list of Blue Cheeses.

Port wine pairs nicely, and the Sandeman Port is a fine wine with rich robust flavors that meld nicely with the tart blue cheese flavors.



Cheddar Cheese

A staple in many households, a slice of cheddar cheese with a slice of apple is one of my favorite easy snacks. And what could make a snack better than eating it with a nice glass of win?.

Prosecco is a great match for cheddar cheese, and I highly recommend the La Marca Prosecco, with its fresh, clean, and crisp citrus flavor.



Creamy Soft Cheese

Probably the most well known soft cheeses are Brie and Neufchâtel. These cheeses are delicious when spread on crackers or even toast.

There are several wines that pair nicely with soft cheese, including Prosecco, Chardonnay, and my favorite, Viva Diva Moscato. This moscato has a sweet strawberry flavor and melts in your mouth the same way brie cheese does.



Goat Cheese

Most available in your grocery store are Gouda and Chevre cheese, but there’s so much more to goat cheese, and here are 10 Delicious Goat Cheeses.

Again, this light cheese pairs nicely with bubbly wine such as Muscato and Prosecco, but I’d prefer a Sauvignon Blanc such as the La Playa Estate Sauvignon Blanc, or whatever is available locally.





Hard Cheese

Cheddar falls in this category, but more likely Swiss, Gruyere, Asiago, Cotija, Pecorino, Monterey Jack and Jarlesburg.

Ah, now we get to the red wines. Sip a Pinot Noir, Merlot or Red Zinfandel with hard cheese. Stone Cellars Merlot’s smooth flavor makes these hard cheeses melt in your mouth with a pop of flavor.





Semi-Firm Cheese

The semi-firm cheeses also fall into other categories of cheese depending on the process used to make the cheese. There’s a long list of cheeses that can be found HERE.

For the semi-firm cheeses, I’d recommend a nice Chianti, or a Cabernet Sauvignon. The Poggio Basso Chianti has a smooth flavor that pairs well with hard or semi-hard cheese. I’d also recommend one of my favorites, a Chilean Carmenere.


Stinky Cheese

Hold your nose, but savor the flavor, because stinky cheeses such as Limburger, Taleggio, and Munster are delicious. Check out this list of the Top 17 Stinky Cheeses.

And to wash down that delicious stinky cheese, try Washington state’s very own Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling. The crisp fruit flavors go well with stinky cheeses, not to mention oysters.




There you have it, seven great cheese types and the wines that pair well with them. I hope you take the time to stop by your local wine seller and pick up a wine you haven’t tried before. I fell in love with Carmenere because it was recommended to me, and I gave it a try.

Let me know if you try some of these wines and cheese, and how you served them.

Happy Eating!

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