5 Habits of a Calming Morning Routine

Calming Morning Habits

A calm morning routine helps keep us in the right state of mind for the day. Here are 5 ways to create a better routine.

A calm morning is also an energizing morning, leaving you with much more energy to use throughout the day.

5 Habits to Get Your Day Started

  1. Prep for the morning the night before.
    1. Lay out your clothes.
    2. Get your work items together and ready by the door.
    3. Load the water and coffee ground into the machine and set a timer (if you have one).
      If you love espresson, like I do, you can still set everything up. Even measure your milk and leave in the fridge.
  2. Get up 15 minutes early. (I’ll be posting about getting up even earlier, and how to make it stick soon)
  3. Carve out time to have a quiet cup of coffee (or 2) and a low-sugar snack (or breakfast).
  4. Listen to music on your iPhone or iPod. Maybe even start your day with your favorite podcast (that’s what I d0)
  5. Be mindful, and grateful that the powers that be have given you another day.Starting your day in a serene environment helps set the tone for the rest of the day. Use this routine and you’ll find you won’t dread Monday’s so much.

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